Vegetarian Mains

  •  Vegetable Korma

    Vegetable cooked with ground almonds in a creamy sauce

  •  Vegetable Rogan (v)

    Vegetables cooked with tomatoes, green herbs and spices

  •  Vegetable Madras (v)

    Vegetables cooked in a fairly hot sauce

  •  Vegetable Vindaloo) (v)

    Vegetables cooked in a very hot sauce

  •  Chuka Sabji Dall

    Vegetables and spinach cooked together with coriander and other fragrant herbs

  •  Chana Dall (v)

    Chick peas & lentils cooked together with onions, potato, tomato and coriander

  •  Sag Aloo (v)

    Spinach & potato cooked together with onions, tomato & garlic

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